Q: How long is the residency?

Usually our programs are of 2-3 weeks.

Q: Do you provide housing? Studio Space? A Stipend? Meals?

Yes we provide comfortable rooms on twin sharing basis. Most dwellings have small areas that are a suitable workspace. 

As of now we don’t provide any stipend.

Yes we provide sumptuous meals. Also every dwelling will have a small kitchen and if any participant wants to occasionally cook, they are free to do that.

Q: I need help with my online application, whom should I contact?

Write to us at 

carpediemresidency@gmail.com. We will assist you with your query.

Q: What is a completed application?

Complete application includes: 

(1) the web-form completely filled and submitted electronically, 

(2) plus sending us your resume, work sample, declaration, and other documents as mentioned in our Guidelines for each program by email.

Q: Is there an entry/ application fee?

No we don’t have any entry fee.

Q: So what is this fee mentioned in your guidelines?

The fee mentioned is for the program. The selected residents will have to pay it within 15 days of notification of selection. They can pay it via Bank transfer or PayPal, the details of the same will be provided to the selected residents.

Q: What is expected of me while in residence?

This is your time, and we hope you will use it to engage fully in your work.

Q: Can I bring my spouse/partner?

Spouses/partners are not allowed to stay during your residency unless they have submitted an application and been accepted as a resident.

Q: I work in team with my creative partner, can we apply as a team?

Yes working partners can apply however we need you to send two separate applications and you will have to pay individual fees. (In the application form you can write the same ‘artists purpose’)

Q: Who owns the intellectual property of residency results and projects?

Artists in residence retain all intellectual and physical property rights for the work that they complete during their residency.

Q. What is the selection process?

Artists are selected on the basis of the quality of their application and past work. After the preliminary selection the shortlisted artists will be notified via email. They must be available for a short Skype interaction. The final resident artists will be selected after the Skype interaction and will be notified via email. The selected artist must pay the application fee within 15 days of confirmation and receipt fo the invitation letter and invoice. In case a selected artist is not able to attend the residency for any reason they must inform us as soon as possible. Since we have limited seats we would like to extend the participation to another shortlisted artist.