Application Form

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Kindly fill all the sections. 

Please read the FAQs for any doubt.

Application Form

Kindly note

Following documents are to be emailed separately :

· Resume of the applicant with Personal details

· Writing samples for writers - a short story/ article or maximum 5 pages of novel or screenplay. All writing samples submitted must be in English.

· PDF or Jpeg files of artwork for other visual artists and photographers. (Maximum file size should not be more than 5 MB.)

· A Short film or a 10 minute excerpt of feature film for filmmakers (Online downloadable Youtube or Vimeo link only. If private video kindly provide password). The films must have English subtitles.

· A photograph of the applicant in Jpeg.

· A declaration signed by the applicant saying:

-that s/he is willingly participating in the residency program,

-that s/he is the rights holder of all the work sample submitted and

-is ready to pay the fees and bear any other necessary cost.

· Copy of Passport for Foreign Nationals and

· Copy of PAN card/ Adhar card/ Voter ID card or Driving License for Indian Nationals. 

(Jpeg or PDF. File size not to exceed 1 MB.)