About Us




We intend to take this journey forward with art residencies curated for artists from a plethora of disciplines. The more diverse your experiences are, the more interesting the residencies become. Our objective is to host artists, new and emerging, as well as veterans and help them explore their creative corridors. Towards the closure of each program, the artists need to arrive upon a certain outcome, essential to their projects. Though art can be pursued in solitude, we do believe that it solicits the constructive responses of fellow being with an equal passion for art. Hence to accomplish the goal of creative pursuit we invite writers, film-makers, photographers, painters, musicians etc. across the world to join us at Carpe diem. We encourage you to comprehend that the final takeaway might be individualistic but the process will be collective, leading each artist to fully explore their inner dimension of art. We would step in as facilitators (not to forget fellow artists) to engage you in intensive workshops, brainstorming sessions and free-flowing conversations helping you inch closer to your projects.  




The theme for our upcoming program is “Art and Nature”. We would like to explore the relationship between art and nature, and the functional aspect of art; art that goes beyond aesthetics. 

Bringing ecology into art and design takes the conversation from scarcity to abundance. Recently, the concept of upcycling has been a major influence for artists and environmentalists alike. We would like the resident artists to explore this connection and the concept of ‘art as ecological restoration’ for their work during the residency. As we integrate nature in our creation everything is a potential tool for the artist and everything is our canvas. 



Our residency is situated at a permaculture farm in the outskirts of Hyderabad in India. Hyderabad city is known for its rich history, cuisine and its multi-lingual culture, both geographically and culturally. Founded in 1591, the city is known for it's Indo-Persian architectural structures like  Char Minar, Golconda Forts, and the Tombs of Qutb Shahis.   The region is well known for its Golconda and Hyderabad style of painting that are branches of Deccani painting. Examples of Hyderabad’s art and culture are housed in various museums of the city . 

The centre of our residency being a permaculture farm uses multiple design principles that form a convergence of art and ecology.