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Carpe diem residency is designed to bring you to a space you inhabit for a brief but enriching period. The intention is to provide the artists with a clutter-free space (in mind and in geography) built with both the silences of isolation and enriching conversations with fellow artists, inching you closer to your project every passing moment. Here, you are on a journey of looking inward, where you share your thoughts, ideas, and desires with fellow artists to experience a collective sense of freedom. We at Carpe diem strongly believe that the best of your creative instincts can be nurtured when you elevate your experiences in a holistic way.  We are a bunch of fellow backpackers who are equally mesmerized by the magic of creation, trying to learn new things and consistently engage with the idea of arts and aesthetics. Moments of self-realization of coming together as an organic unit, experiencing the sheer joy of collaborative art yet leaving a distinct impression of an artist has brought us to the very genesis of Carpe diem. It is here you collect the residues of your nomadic existence, briefly relocate the sub-texts of your artistic journey and give shape to your coagulated experiences with a creative mount. Let there be a parallel universe where you and us can hear each other out, enjoy the process and politics of creating and travel with our stories from conflict to climax and beyond!

We intend to take this journey forward with art residencies curated for artists from a plethora of disciplines. The more diverse your experiences are, the more interesting the residencies become. Our objective is to host artists, new and emerging, as well as veterans and help them explore their creative corridors. Towards the closure of each program, the artists need to arrive upon a certain outcome, essential to their projects. Though art can be pursued in solitude, we do believe that it solicits the constructive responses of fellow being with an equal passion for art. Hence to accomplish the goal of creative pursuit we invite writers, film-makers, photographers, painters, musicians etc. across the world to join us at Carpe diem. We encourage you to comprehend that the final takeaway might be individualistic but the process will be collective, leading each artist to fully explore their inner dimension of art. We would step in as facilitators (not to forget fellow artists) to engage you in intensive workshops, brainstorming sessions and free-flowing conversations helping you inch closer to your projects.  

Since we believe in a holistic and organic process of creating any kind of art, we have also incorporated Yoga and outdoor activities like trekking, rappelling etc. in the program. We believe that any artistic pursuit is an engaging process and an artist needs to constantly strive to remain connected with his/her own self as well as with nature which constitutes the very fertile ground for any creation.

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